The HArdest PArt of LOVE

Angela Stillson


Concept & Design

The Book


"A Work of Art"

Stephen Schwartz


Grammy and Academy Award Winning

Musical Theater Lyricist & Composer

The Concept


This book is an adaptation of Stephen Schwartz’s eloquent and affecting song, “The Hardest Part of Love” from the widely popular staged musical CHILDREN OF EDEN and his RELUCTANT PILGRIM CD. It will pull at the heartstrings of all parents and elate Stephen Schwartz fans with its beautiful, sophisticated pictures and enclosed CD featuring the songwriter himself. 

Ms. Angela Stillson from Nappanee, Indiana, conceptualized the project having become familiar with Schwartz’s work when THE BAKER’S WIFE was produced at Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre and guest-directed by his son, Scott Schwartz. She describes, “I set out to entwine music, art, and literature in a unique and provoking fashion that is both contemporary and enduring.” In appreciation of the arts, she recruited 18 creative souls from Alaska to Hong Kong (including Schwartz’s daughter) to illustrate the 32 glossy pages. They achieved a one-of-a-kind medley of stylized pictures leading to a hard cover collector’s volume to treasure and reflect upon.

“The book is a wonderful idea and executed beautifully. I love the song.” 

- Robert Lehman, Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, Michigan

18 Illustrators

Imagination is what makes a book or music come alive. Our minds conjure up images as we read or listen. Yet, everyone will visually see the same book or music in a different way. 

Eighteen illustrators were asked to listen to the lyrics of "The Hardest Part of Love" and challenged to create a piece of art according to what they imagined. The end result is found in The Hardest Part of Love. It's a book that touches the heart with song and sings to the eyes with art.

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